Notable Labels

While I may have forgotten the exact circumstances of how I acquired a number of labels, a number of them stick out for a variety of reasons.


This has got to be Scream Time Action Beer The name says it all.  What the !!

Most Common

What I call Yanjing "street beer".  The cheapest bulk beer available in Beijing costing about 30 cents US for a 600ml bottle.  Why buy shampoo ?

Favourite Foreign Brand

Of the commonly available foreign brands, Asahi Super Dry probably was the premium beer of choice at our place.

Favourite Dark Beer

I quite like dark beers and they were few and far between.  Some were quite flat and syrupy.  But I liked the TsingTao Black although I only ever found it in one small shop not far from home.

Most Inspired Names

Shanghai's Reeb clearly came out of a long thinktank session.  A few too many "bai jiu"s went into the Dreamland labelling.  Some fitness fanatics had a go with Jinchuan Health Beer.  The environmentalists have their own Baoji Ecological Beer.  Feeling a bit wet ?  Try a Dry Beer.  Feeling a bit stale ?  Well, have Fresh Beer.  A bit flat ?  Put a zing back in your step with a Sparkling Beer.  However, I am deeply concerned about the Da Jiang Crystal Limpid Beer.